The cloth edition of Assia Djebar’s Women of Algiers in Their Apartment, her first work to be published in English, was named by the American Literary. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The cloth edition of Assia Djebar’s Women of Algiers in Their Apartment, her first work to be published in English. Assia Djebar: Women of Algiers in Their Apartment. On 25 June , Delacroix disembarks in Algiers for a short stopover. He has just spent a month in.

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Afterforward really helped with understanding the context and nature of where Djebar was coming from. We slowly piece together where each character is coming from, what their concerns are, on what their suffering is based.

Azsia discovered magical realism and the Diaspora while studying literature in her favourite city, Montreal, and divides her time between discovering new ideas in the art world and creating her own.

I found that it jumped suddenly from one character to another without indicating that and it was hard for me to follow. Jan 17, Scott Cox rated it really liked it Shelves: We’re getting a glance inside a culture we’ve heard …more I think zssia fact that the Algerian culture is so unknown womn what adds most of the ambiguity.

Armstrong Intimacy that is kept distant is a rare attribute in a book, one which few authors — such as Margaret Atwood — have been able to master effectively. On the other hand, if you are looking to broaden your horizon and allow fictional narrative to enter your mind and challenge your notions, then this book is a great fit.

The Segregated Gaze: Assia Djebar’s Women of Algiers in Their Apartment

Her novel Fantasia, an Algerian Cavalcade won the Franco-Arab Friendship Prize and she has written and directed two feature-length films: Lists with This Book. Books by Assia Djebar. Email required Address never made public. A vivid and poignant picture of what goes on behind the veils imposed by Algeria’s Islamic society.


She drives through the streets feeling displaced and lost, far removed from her childhood a sense that partially drives her friend, a French immigrant, to severe depression.

Women of Algiers in Their Apartment – Wikipedia

I recommend this book highly, especially for those more prepared than I for its complexity, style, and culture. All works are a measure of both, but whether it is due to the simple nature of this work in particular or my still uncomfortable state as an unemployed Bachelor’s in English, I fell short of its mark and my goal. Instead Assia Djebar takes the reader through a maze of areas otherwise misrepresented by the Western world.

The short stories are written in an impressionistic style, at times seeming more like poems in the rhythm and mystery of djsbar language.

AfricaAlgiers teir, Feminism.

I generally love reading novels that are based in countries throughout the world so that I can learn about djebae cultures. Also, I feel like I need to apologise for attempting to write on this book without being familiar Well, this is a book on deals with so many issues — feminism, language, nationalism, colonialism, history and place, and how all of these are inter-related. If I had had a better grip of Algerian or Islamic life, I might have been more appreciative.

I particularly enjoyed the essay at the end of this book.

The Segregated Gaze: Assia Djebar’s Women of Algiers in Their Apartment – African Writers Trust

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Perhaps the most intimate moment is revealed through the water-carrier of the bathhouse, a place where women go to talk about things they diebar open up about elsewhere. I enjoyed fragments but I felt confused way too much. Mostly because I think her beautiful prose and storytelling would be lost in my attempt to sort out her complex interpretations of feminism, colonialism, and subjectivity.


It’s not for me. These were followed by her Algerian quartet, of which three titles are complete to date, and by her three “novels of exile.

Women of Algiers in Their Apartment, by Assia Djebar.

We see their triumphs, failures. I have no idea why I added this book. I wouldn’t say this book was fun to read, but it was educational and interesting.

The scarcity of literature by and about the women of Arabic North Africa makes this book particularly valuable. University of Virginia Presspages. Unfortunately, this collection of short stories was very inaccessible for me. It was covered in Western thinking and by the end of this novel, my mind was awakened apargment knowledge and understanding. Basically, too much for me to handle without writing some sort of thesis-length paper and I am sure there are people who have written theses on this bookso I will apologise in advance if this review is partial in the sense of not enough.

I ask because, from what I’ve learned over the years of excavating my tastes, this is one of the worst ways to introduce me to a new author. Inin recently conquered Algiers, Delacroix broke into a harem for a few hours.

Woven into the sections that dealt with war were scenes described from the inside of cultural institutions. And the old, wrinkled woman who carries water at the public bath recalling what she has suffered and lost in the course of her life.