This is the profile for the plant – Asphodelus aestivus / Summer Asphodel / Berwieq. Each plant profile in the database contains nomenclature info, botanical data. This has grown – quite literally – into one of our favorite plants. Much like an Eremurus or Foxtail Lily in effect as it gets long basal strappy leaves and a 4′-6′ tall. (syn: Asphodelus microcarpus) Asphodelus aestivus is an amazing summer- dormant lily relative that ranges from North Africa to Turkey. The evergreen, basal .

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Aesyivus species is closely related to A. Woolly aphids and Black peach aphids. Fertilizer Add organic matter to the soil during spring.

Asphodelus albus and A. Large infestation will weaken trees such as Picea abies and Pseudotsuga menziesii. Aphids may be removed from a plant by hosing them off with water limited success or applying soapy water to aphids. The crown may also be divided in some species by using a shovel to cut and dig sections out. Plant Growth Type Perennial.

Slugs and snails occur world-wide. PBS list member Jane McGary cautions that it can look messy when it goes dormant in late summer and recommends deadheading it so it will look better and to prevent enthusiastic self-seeding.

Reflective mulch around the plants also reduces numbers by repelling the insect this material is available commercially. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Locations in Malta or Gozo where you asphodslus seen this plant. Flowering stalk – cooked[89, ]. Information, aestivis and other details.

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The leaves asphodeelus the cheese last about the same time, three or four days, and thus fresh leaves are a sign of a fresh cheese, while dried out leaves indicate that the cheese is past its prime. Try to asphodelhs as concise as possible. The flowering stem is glabrous, and produce branched flower clusters in panicles, hence forming a pyramidal form of inflorescence.

Sardinia, Sicily Southwestern Europe: Cultural Control Remove possible hiding places and avoid overhead watering to reduce humidity. Place a piece of glass over the pot and store in a protected warm environment glasshouse. Frosts are severe with snow at higher altitudes. Views Read Edit View history. A remedy against warts is also derived from its root.


Ovary situated above the flower parts the calyx, corolla, and androecium. They feed in groups, curling leaves and producing honeydew attracting sooty mould. Distribution of the Pest.

To be botanically precise, the flower has 3 sepals outer whorl and 3 petals inner whorl which are identical, and so they are collectively referred to as 6 tepals or perianth segments. Asphoddelus only seen in sub-tropical climates.

Aphids are capable of giving aetivus to living young and large populations build up quickly during summer. The wingless female adult lays eggs on the stems and asphodeelus immature females overwinter on bud scales. Upper leaves are more erect and wrap around the flowering stalk as a sheath.

When the weather is cold and dry, snails seal themselves into their shells where they survive, dormant, for years.


It prefers an open sunny position but tolerates semi shade and is drought tender but light frost tolerant. These plants are mainly tufted perennial herbs or scrambling shrubby climbers normally with bulbs, corm, tuber or rhizomes.

A rhizome is a stem that grows horizontally either below or on the surface of the soil with the shoots growing vertically as in bamboo and many grasses. The following page uses this file: The aphids feed asphodeous the roots producing honeydew and are dispersed to other host by ants. This monocot is a tough perennial which grows from underground tubers that lack extensive rooting.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Elongate inflorescence with compound branching forming clusters of flowers.

Pacific Bulb Society | Asphodelus

Tropaeolum species are attacked by the Black Bean Aphid Aphis fabaewhich is found in large numbers on the underside of the leaves, turning them yellow and causing them to wilt then die. Newly emerged snails resemble tiny adults.

The plant have several long basal leaves which grow randomly from the underground tuber outwards. In Matthew Ward’s translation of Albert Camus ‘ The Stranger the plateau next to the beach where Mersault will shoot an Arab is “covered with yellowish rocks and the whitest asphodels set against the already hard blue of the sky”.