ARCIC Mary Document – Full Text. In the continuing journey toward full communion, the Roman Catholic Church and the Churches of the Anglican Communion. wwThe Anglican–Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) is an organization . Although ARCIC had just completed the major document on Marian theology in , Pope John Paul II suspended official talks between the Roman. Following seven years of work, the first ‘Agreed Statement’ (a page document) to emerge from ARCIC III, Walking Together on the Way.

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It is work that was begun on the ground in these projects, in and with the local churches of the North East of England, that is now bearing fruit in this new phase of ARCIC work and new approach to formal, bilateral ecumenism.

The phrase apostolic Tradition refers to the content of what has been transmitted from apostolic times and continues to be the foundation of Christian life and theology. By the sensus fideliumthe whole body contributes to, receives from and treasures the ministry of those within the community who exercise episcopewatching over the living memory of the Church cf.

When Christian communities are in real but imperfect communion they are called to recognise in each other elements of the apostolic Tradition which they may have rejected, forgotten or not yet fully understood.

ARCIC – Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission

In the pattern found in the New Testament one of the twelve is chosen by Jesus Christ to strengthen the others so that they will remain faithful to their mission and in harmony with each other see the discussion of the Petrine texts in Authority in the Church II This particular service has been the source of difficulties and misunderstandings among the churches.

Those called to such a ministry must themselves submit to the discipline of Christ, observe the requirements of collegiality and the common good, and duly respect the consciences of those they are called to serve. Throughout the centuries, the Church receives and acknowledges as a gracious gift from God all that it recognises as a true expression of the Tradition which has aric once for all delivered to the apostles.

On the other hand, rocuments pervasiveness of this spirituality began to give rise to criticism both within and beyond the Roman Catholic Church and initiated a process of re-reception.

The exercise of authority in the Church is to be recognised and accepted as an instrument of the Spirit of God for the healing of humanity. As one who received the Word in douments heart and in her body, and brought it arrcic into the world, Mary belongs in the prophetic tradition. Accordingly, the Lambeth Conference ofin the light of The Virginia Report of the Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission, resolved to strengthen these instruments in various ways, particularly the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury and of the Documenfs Meeting.

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Anglican–Roman Catholic International Commission – Wikipedia

Finally, he commended the recitation of the Angelus and the Rosary as traditional devotions which are compatible with these norms. It is in conformity with the mind and example of Christ that the Church is called to exercise authority cf.

Theological dialogue must continue at all levels in the churches, but is not dlcuments itself sufficient.

She travels on her own from Galilee to Judaea to visit Elizabeth 1: It is this faith, the faith of all the baptised in communion, and this only, that each bishop utters with the body of bishops in council. In view of her vocation to be the mother of the Holy One Luke 1: With this background in doocuments, we seek a odcuments grounded way to draw more closely together in the life of prayer in communion with Christ and his saints.

It regards this corpus alone as the inspired Word of God written and, as such, uniquely authoritative. The exercise of authority can be oppressive and destructive.

Through Moses he made a covenant with Israel that, obedient to his word, they might be a holy nation and a priestly people. The Fathers of the Council consciously sought to resist exaggerations by returning to patristic emphases and placing Marian doctrine and devotion in its proper Christological and ecclesial context.

From our experience we have found that it is in the realm of worship that we realize our deepest convergence as we give thanks to God for the Mother of the Lord who is one with us in that vast community of love and prayer we call the communion of saints.

It may, indeed, often be so in human societies and even in churches when they uncritically adopt certain patterns of authority. From the beginning of its work, ARCIC has considered questions of Church teaching or practice in the context of our real but imperfect communion in Christ and the visible unity to which we are called.

Such a universal primate will exercise leadership in the world and also in both communions, addressing them in a prophetic way. Authority in the Church II The Pope also issued cautions to those who err either by exaggeration or neglect.

In supporting the Bishop of Rome in his arcid of promoting communion among the churches, do the structures and dovuments of the Roman Curia adequately respect the exercise of episcope at other levels?

This authority is exercised by fragile Christians for the sake of other fragile Christians. Having taken these shared beliefs and these questions as the rocuments point for our reflection, we are now able to affirm further significant agreement on the place of Mary in the life and doctrine of the Church. Just as Eve docuents associated with Adam in bringing about our defeat, so Mary is associated with her Son in the conquest of the doduments enemy cf.


We together agree that in understanding Mary as the fullest human example of the life of grace, we are called to reflect on the lessons of her life recorded in Scripture and to join with her as one indeed not dead, but truly alive in Christ.

Our hope is that, as we share in the one Spirit by which Mary was prepared and sanctified for her unique vocation, we may together participate with her and all the saints in the unending praise of God. Believers follow Christ in communion with other Christians in their local church cf. Authority in the Church Dpcuments9 ; the need for the universal primate to exercise his arcci in collegial association with the other bishops cf. They are the fruit of five years of dialogue, of patient listening, study, and prayer together.

In a sense, this question is at the heart of our sad divisions. The Commission is of the view that we have deepened and extended our agreement on:. The Exercise of Authority in Communion This tradition, or handing on, of the Gospel is the work of the Spirit, especially through the ministry of Word and Sacrament and in the common life of the people of God.

Even when they disobeyed, God did not abandon human beings to sin and the power of death. For many Anglicans the teaching authority of the bishop of Rome, independent of a council, is not recommended by the fact that through it these Marian doctrines were proclaimed as dogmas binding on all the faithful. Church as Communion24 will the God whose purpose it is to bring all things into unity in Christ cf. Roman Catholics and Anglicans share this understanding of synodality, but express it in different ways.

The exercise of teaching authority in the Church, especially in situations of challenge, requires the participation, in their distinctive ways, of the whole body of believers, not only those charged with the ministry of memory. In this way, she is a sign of hope for all humanity.

As in previous Anglican – Roman Catholic International Commission ARCIC documents, we have attempted to use language that reflects what we hold in common and transcends the controversies of the past.

For all the promises of God find their Yes in him.