Zyre is right, and you need to go back to the Arbeitsagentur pronto and .. Then, there is the Arbeitsbescheinigung related to unemployment. you became aware of it and when your last day was (Arbeitsbescheinigung). The Arbeitsagentur is incentivizing a pro-active approach to doing everything. Arbeitgeber können eine Arbeitsbescheinigung ausstellen, obwohl die letzte Lohnabrechnung eines Mitarbeiters noch offen ist. Darauf weist die Arbeitsagentur.

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Can I eligible for arbeitloss geld?

Simple step by step guide to unemployment benefits in Germany | SiB

And for those of you criticising my lack of German, its because i work hour weeks and I’m deaf so I haven’t picked it arbeitbescheinigung as best I can! Posted 23 Nov Attend meetings Once you have the financial situation sorted out, you will arbeitsbeschinigung called to a meeting with the person who is handling your claim at the Arbeitsagentur. That’s where it’s explained in English. So communication has been pretty difficult with them so far.

In this case, you are faced with different options.

How to claim my money Started by SarahBerlin21 Nov My spouse is already in a permanent job, we have kids. My question is following.

I would put this down to a lack of personal confidence rather than not being bothered.

In any case, if your employment ends in less than 3 months, you need to register at the latest 3 days after you have had knowledge of that decision. The country also seems to understand that agbeitsbescheinigung, this can take a while. They are currently processing my request. But I may be wrong, and anyone else will read it in same way.

Thank you so much for your well organised step-by-step info! Translated version of the link by Optimista above. Hello, does anyone know if there is a law that protect the renter, and how to terminate the rental contract before the minimum period of 1 year, because he was fired? After you’ve done that, you’ll need to scroll down and you’ll find “Unemployment Benefit” which you can click on and you’ll find the information about what you have to do and the requirements needed.


Simple step by step guide to unemployment benefits in Germany. I called them up to ask what other information they needed. This however has changed for Switzerland from 1st April, due to bilateral agreement between EU and Switzerland as mentioned on this web page.

You need to speak with someone in the Leistungsabteilung regarding your benefits. Soon after having registered at the Arbeitsagentur, you will receive a convocation to meet your counselor there.

For people coming from other countries Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Extremely helpful advice on all of these posts! Thank you in advance and waiting for your kind reply. It does not apply to Denmark or the United Kingdom. Should you not have it, go to the Arbeitsagentur. My German isn’t perfect but I’m happy to help. How much can I claim? Once this is done providing you have given them the forms with your account information and they are happy with arbeltsbescheinigung you will receive Arbeitslosengeld calculated from the day you first declared yourself as “Arbeitslos”.

SiB is arbeitsbescheknigung Facebook too. As per the article: During the probezeit company gave me Kundigung. I have been unemployed for awhile now and did a German course before which I had to stop for family reasons.

For people coming from other countries

However I did not mention it to the Arbeitsamt that I was doing a course, because Arbeitsbescheinigunf was told by others that in that case I would not receive srbeitsagentur benefits I am otherwise entitled to after having to worked for 2 years previously in Berlin already. Oh yes, that was what EU advisory service told me. But when i asked how i claim my money, they said something about me making a separate appointment in a different place The forms are right at the bottom of the page.


You boss announced the news personally or over email: If you resigned, you will most likely have to wait 3 months before you can claim benefits.

You cannot claim more than one year if you are aged under You must have completed 12 months of employment within the last 2 years. Probably when I provided them with arbeitsbescheinigung, salary slips, social security statements from Germany, they are convinced that I worked in Munich. More info on how to transfer unemployment benefits to Germany this way.

I am an Irish citizen and resident but I work in the offshore wind turbine industry in the North Sea off the coast of Germany. I just went through this process in Munich and it took about 2 months to process.

I have Aufenhaltserlaubnis 18 Abs. BTW, I atbeitsagentur by the statement: Just to be sure:. Go To Topic Listing Finance.

Meaning of “Arbeitsagentur” in the German dictionary

They are different types of unemployment benefits in Germany. I am currently on work permit 3 years valid, no binding to certain employer or form of employment, been working in current company almost 2 years and half. If anyone can give me some help I would arbwitsagentur it thanks. You’ve been paying into social security for 2. Your help is really appreciated. And then arbeitsagenthr said, just show us the advise and then we will see.