Manuals and user guides for Aphex professional audio equipment. , Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom, User Manual. , Two Channel Tube Mic and. aural exciter and big bottom. optical. Instruction Manual P/N Revision 2 Released 09/01/ Manufactured by. Aphex Systems Ltd. When we originally modeled the unit, replicating its sound in both insert and aux send/return modes, we realized that each mode had its own unique sound.

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This was just plain lovely. The improvment in Vocal clarity is stunning and the Kick Drum persistence mmanual just what I need. Go to Home Page.

PR1 made up his mind years ago. For terrestrial and satellite broadcasters, the Aural Exciter provides the powerful articulation necessary to deliver crisp, clear signal in the face of today’s digital broadcasting challenges. Boosting output at, say, 40 Hz, by 6 dB will have a noticeable effect, but it may or may not be enough, and the cost is substantial.

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And on mixes, it adds power, presence and sparkle. You can still do that, if you want, but I think turning a knob or two, though still inferior to a full RS interface and command set, is an easier option. Tight, smooth, and with a bit of kick, and in most cases, sounding more natural. Ben Harper, Burn to Shine, “Suzie Blue” – The beginning of this song is intentionally altered to sound ultra vintage, i.


Despite having worked myself into a rather upset state with the precariousness of a product that has the potential to render a listener dependent on a constant fix of one more box, in my incredulousness at standards of the music recoding industry in general, I can only demonstrate my opinion that the processes offered by the Aphex are of undeniable benefit to the recreational listener. I won’t say there’s anything necessarily wrong with this family of enhancers. In fact, if we could apply a channel to every track in the mix independently, I think we could make some very average mixes sound great, but we can’t.

It is so simple and greatly enhances the sound quality.

Strings were too plinky, voices overly sibilant. It stretches the envelope of each bass beat or hit so that the decay of each note is held for slightly longer. His explanations are simple and to the point, without weighing the conversation down with a boat load of technical information. This is a great piece of work, in my opinion, and the made it just that much better. From a bibliographical standpoint, I’m an absolutely horrid reviewer.

Ben Harper sounds like he’s not only maual old equipment, but that they recorded him inside a little box. I suspect they say this because we’re more familiar with human voice, and therefore we are less tolerant to coloration, however enticing it may sound. I’m not even saying that it sounds good despite a lack of neutrality. Even moderately large subwoofers may have problems with gobs and gobs of infrasonic content.


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I have used all three units and settled on the Aphex for my live sound rig. I don’t mean to sound down on these things.

In a way it’s reminiscent of an EQ set to a Fletcher Munson kind of smile curve, except that it didn’t get fatiguing or take away from midrange detail or sink the sound stage back. Who can blame them?

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The typical way to set the input sensitivity on a tube preamp is to run it hot enough to clip obviously, and then back it off just enough to keep distortion at the higher levels subtle. All the way down obviously defeats the purpose.

Truth be told, I really admire these guys. Have your cake, eat it, and have it again, all without eating disorder side effects! Let’s go back to the side chain.

Up until then, the conversation was delightful. You’ll need cables to and from theand they better be the good stuff. Because of their gentle overload characteristics, tube microphone preamplifiers are especially advantageous.