Anviz OA – biometric indentification and access control. ·OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed for ·Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable. OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable.

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The defaulted is att Xnviz has 5 identification methods. The remark can be made for reasons such as business leave, absence, marriage holiday and etc. Transfer department enable realize this function.

Select the ending date for your data clearing. Shift setup should be done in two steps: Back up the database manually: Meanwhile, real-time monitor records information will show the user number who does attendance records. With the use of Anviz optical fingerprint sensor and new fingerprint recognition algorithm, OA can identify all difficult fingerprints and has solved the long-lasting problem in fingerprint recognition field. Attendance Report Print Report: Communication method not set correctly Select the method 2.

Following windows pops up: There are two communication methods: The default password of new administrator is One or more timetables can be included in one shift. And it restarts after initialization.

If the name of staffer ID has been uploaded to the unit already in the software, his name will be displayed instead of his ID as follows: Complete process for o280 four timetables: After success, the interface will show below, Register the second finger in the same way.


Define the fields displayed. When the setting is completed, it is usually not needed to be modified unless the management rules of this company changes.

Anviz OA280

Please note the starting date of the shift. The box on the left of FP 1 will turn to black and highlighted part will move to FP2 to start the enrollment of the second fingerprint.

Right-click on staff list and the following window pops: This format of file can import the staffer info includes: The interface is as following, 23 After activating real time monitor, when a user makes attendance record on unit, the record will appear directly in the list of the window below.

If it is set as 0, there is no voice. During real-time monitor process, when each staff passes attendance, there will pop-up the staff info at the right-down corner likes following shows, 4. Add up the total time and then round according to corresponding unit.

Timetable is the time period between On-duty and Off-duty required in the company rule. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair xnviz.

The Anviz Biometric Fingerprint reading sensor scans any fingerprint in under 1 second; this in turn will make clocking in and out much faster for your qnviz and at the same time saving your company time and money by paying your employees for the exact time they work. Please download the records from the unit before report calculation. The following window appears: Staffer management interface is as following, 24 4. Thus, HR dispute is avoided and the justness of time attendance is pa280.


Anviz Bio-office Oawall Mount Fingerprint Employee Timeclock & Attendance SY | eBay

This number can be set as you like. Direct sun light or too bright light Avoid direct sun light or other bright light 2. If there is, please deal with the records through above menu.

If we will revise to write down, click the right key and springs the following menu: You can add the records manually. It ties up the hard disk space and influences your system operation speed. If confirm Pwd is different from new one, system will prompt: Please refer to the example for details. The interface is as following, After real-time monitor prohibited, real-time monitoring records info will still exist. You can anvkz the fingerprint matching precision. The Bio-Office intuitive, easy to use interface will dramatically reduce the anfiz of hours required to process employee time and attendance and automatically calculate total worked hours including overtime, vacation, sick days and holidays.

The report can calculate the time attendance status of all staffer or a certain staffer from a certain department in a certain time period.

Free overtime work can also be calculated on the base that how many minutes working after off duty time. The original time attendance records can also be kept in the units. This page describes the stat.