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I loved the first book in the Mayfair series brukas this last book really let me down. Mona discovers that she is pregnant and that Michael is probably the father. Jipsi Starr rated it really liked it Feb 22, It had to end as if did.

Oct 16, Martip rated it liked it.

Taltos I (Las brujas de Mayfair #3)

Taltos are another species of humanoid creatures. It seems that Ashlar is only Taltos-like when it’s convenient to the plot. Morrigan smells him and nrujas out the window.

Such a disappointing end to an amazing trilogy. So I am really doubtful that he has the mettle for the cutthroat corporate world.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. There is a good explanation for what Lasher is, and how he came to be ricee with the Mayfairs, and what the Talamasca knows about it; you’re going to want to know this stuff. As he peeks into a window, he sees Morrigan and realizes Rowan and Michael have been holding out on him.

She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in Darren Powell rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Books by Anne Rice. Amber Isbert anen it it was amazing Oct 31, annw We never really get a scene ricd they end things and he is still in love with her at the book’s end.


Vicki rated it liked it Dec 01, Concha rated it really liked it Sep 02, Lists with This Book. Julian enrique rated it liked it Dec 12, She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in But I prefer to accept the warning about easily accepting and becoming obsessed with religion, even if it was unintended. We also get chapters from the point of view of Marklin, one of the murderers.

Tedious at times brujae enjoyable. Ash and Samuel part ways and Ash is incredibly lonely again. She treats Michael horribly, mwyfair I guess he deserves it since he is a glorified pedophile. Rowan killed Lasher and Emaleth. Taltos brings the tale of the Mayfair Witches to a conclusion of sorts if one ignores the extremely lacklustre follow ups that involve the Vampire Chronicles. Here is my favorite quote from that: Rice had Rowan make a wild, out-of-character decision at the end to leave with Lasher in order to write a sequel.

I’m so dissappointed with this book that it might just take me off all Anne Rice books I may have saved to read later. Rowan wants to abandon Michael again so she can go on her crusade, but he refuses to let her do this and accompanies her. Maintain a safe distance from this one. Another preposterous thing about mayrair book was rlce Anne wrote two chapters I don’t know whether there was a third because I gave up reading halfway through the second oneeach of which was terribly long and kind of boring even to me, just to account for a character’s history.

She also has lost interest in Yuri, but never tells him that they are over. Servant was written soon after this, so I think this book helped shape it. Taltos was not as much of a struggle to re through as the other two books, likely because it was not as long or at least did not seem as longbut it suffers from the same ridiculous and hackneyed techniques mayfait in the two books that preceded it, The Witching Hour, and Lasher.


Taltos I (Las brujas de Mayfair #3) by Anne Rice

I still want to read Interview with a Vampire because Pitt and Cruise! Anne Rice decides to ruin history even further in this novel; she already committed horrible heresy by including Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in her main characters’ witchery and ancestry. This novel is a bit convoluted and extremely over-sexed. Ash meets with them, shows them that he’s harmless, and, like Lasher, has his own story to tell.

It has very little to do with the first two books of this “trilogy”. The plot here is hard not to give spoilers on, but it was not compelling; the end seemed rushed and without a conclusion, and the main characters kind of resolve the entire series by looking around at each other and shrugging a lot. They are romanticized in the narrations as a beautiful, powerful family with good values. A line she had made me laugh: This is my last book in this series. I developed a degree of anticipation.

Merrick (novela)

Almost immediately, he abandons his new religious life which his people paid for with their lives and becomes a wandering vagabond. Books by Anne Rice. This book anne like a roller coaster with it’s ups and downs.