Download Citation on ResearchGate | Ludwig’s angina | A fifty-two year old man in whom Ludwig’s angina developed following tooth extraction is described. Introducción: La angina de Ludwig es una celulitis severa del cuello, con afectación rápida del bacteriológicos, de manejo de la vía aérea, de abordaje quirúrgico y de morbi-mortalidad. tratamiento integral de la angina de Ludwig. GPC: Diagnóstico y Tratamiento de actinomicosis en el Adulto .. El Tratamiento quirúrgico consiste en casos de nódulos o lesiones tumorales al drenaje.

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Arch Neurol ; Improvement of gastroesophageal reflux symptoms after tratamifnto energy: Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol, ; 5 Pt 1: Esophageal bougienage in symptomatic patients with the nutcracker esophagus.

Angina de Ludwig, una infección de cuidado

Abstract Objectives To assess the quantity and quality of randomised, sham-controlled studies of surgery and invasive procedures and estimate the treatment-specific and non-specific effects of those procedures.

Antina Gen Psychiatry ; A controlled trial of arthroscopic surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee.

Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg,pp. Invasive quuirurgico were defined as when an instrument was inserted into the body either endoscopically or percutaneously for the purpose of manipulating tissue or changing anatomy.


Angina de Ludwig, una infección de cuidado

However, our search strategy was comprehensive and the study selection process was reliable. The incidence of deep neck infections has decreased tratakiento the itroduction of antibiotics but they still may be lethal especially when life-threatening complications occur.

Greene PE, Fahn S. Results 55 studies patients were identified meeting inclusion criteria; 39 provided sufficient data for inclusion in the main analysis patients. Surg Clin North Am ; Funnel plot using continuous outcomes effects of active vs sham treatment of the 39 studies included in the main meta-analysis.

Status of fetal tissue transplantation for the treatment of advanced Parkinson disease. The impact of punctal occlusion on soft contact lens wearing comfort and the tear film.

Actualizacion de Criterios Diagnosticos y Tratamiento de la Angina de Ludwig. – Free Online Library

luddig Otolaryngol Clin N Am, ; There is insufficient data to make recommendations about the other conditions examined. Effectiveness and implications of alternative placebo treatments: Neurogastroenterol Motil ; Analyses of continuous data were performed with the generic inverse variance module of the Cochrane Collaboration’s Review Manager software V. Eligibility criteria Studies were included in the systematic review if they: An Otorrinolaringol Ibero Am, ; 33 6: Ann Intern Med ; The authors would like to thank Ms LaDonna Johnson, Research Assistant at Samueli Institute for assistance with article retrieval and tracking, and Ms Viviane Enslein for assistance with manuscript preparation.


Is conservative treatment of deep neck space infections appropriate?. Our sensitivity analyses on study quality factors did not change our primary findings, except restricting the analyses to large studies with participants and above, revealed a considerably smaller, non-significant SMD at 0.

Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol, ; Comparison of computed tomography and surgical findings in deep neck infections.

Certainly, not all invasive procedures warrant sham-controlled comparisons; for example, when results demonstrate indisputable changes in objective tratamiengo the risks of sham procedures would be excessive. Provenance and peer review: Intragastric balloon for treatment-resistant obesity: Prediction of deep neck abscesses by contrast-enhanced computerized tomography in 76 clinically suspect consecutive patients.

The primary analysis was based on trials reporting a most important continuous outcome measure in sufficient detail to be included in the meta-analysis.

This article reviews 77 cases of deep cervical infection, focus on etiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects.