Yajur Amavasai Tarpanam in sanskrit & English is already published in scribd. com and in our blog I am going to add more photos in that. MusicIndiaOnline ยท Sanskrit Devotional; Yajur Veda Amaavaasya Tarpanam ( ). Yajur Veda Amaavaasya Amavasya Tarpanam. 3. Pitru. 4. Pitaamaha. 5 . amAvasai tarpaNam. SPECIAL INFORMATION. UttarAyaNam starts from January 14, (Makaram), To July 15th, – From Thai to AaNi. DakshiNAyaNam.

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ShuklAm baradaram vishnum sasi varNam chadur bhujam prasanna vadhanam dhyAyeth sarva vighna upa sAnthaye 5. Put poonal in the wrong side Right Shoulder.

Yajur Amavasai Tarpanam in sanskrit & English

Namnee, vasu roopa, mathamahasya, mathu swadhaanamas tarpayaami x 3 sankrit Maternal Grand Father’s Gothram Ancestor Fortnight – Agasthiar. These are different from Apasthamba Sutra Tharpana in Sanskrit. Aayaatha Mathu Pitharaha Sowmyaa gambheeraihee patibhihi poorvyai prajaam asmabhyam dadhathorayimchA deergha yuthwamchA shatha shaaradamchA.


Om Achyuthaya namaha 2.

Yajur Amavasai Tarpanam in sanskrit & English

I am posting these Mantras. Sarva TharpaNam General oblations. Names of grand mother, great grand mother, Father’s great grand mother. Now pour amavssya by the bottom of the palm towards self x Thrice.

Amavasya Tharpanam In Sanskrit Pdf – gourmetmanager

Now put tahrpanam on the right shoulder – prachinaveethi and do the tharpaNam. Wear pooNal on wrong side right shoulder. Now put Poonal in usual mode Upaaveeti. Two Dharbhai perpendicular to the koorcham.

Now Pour water from tips of fingers x Thrice: Dharbham Dhaarayaami Wear pavithram and 2 chila kattai dharbai in your right ring finger. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Chanting the manthram below place black eLLu on the koorcha: Keep aside dakshinai for Brahmin.

Mahalaya TharpaNa Sankalpams – India – SharmaNa, rudra roopan, mathamahasya pitamahan, swadhaanamas tarpayaami x 3 times. A not-for-profit organization registered in Canada.

Pour water between thumb and index finger: And Pour water from tips of fingers: Mainly for Rigvedi’s Yajurvedi’s can also chant this, but with proper uchaaraNam: PradakshiNam Change pooNal to the left shoulder Upaaveethi. Amavasya new Moon day.


Pour water through little finger. This does not require Ellu and Akshathai.

Whose mother is not alive. Oorjam vahantihi amrutham ghrutampayah: No part of this website may be reproduced without the explicit permission from Saveca. SharmaNa, vasu roopan, mathamahasya pithu swadhaanamas tarpayaami x 3 times.

Achamanam Take minute quantities of water just sufficient to soak one grain of black gram three times in the right hand and take it with the following manthra. I am in the process of collating the information and shall post as soon as my information is authenticated and complete. Wife of Father of Great Grand Father