Altiverb 6 Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Manual. Chapter 6 is the reference part of the rb 7 7 2 About the documentation This user guide covers the functions and controls of Altiverb 7. audioease. Page 6. 6. Page 7. 2. About the documentation. This manual covers the functions and controls of Altiverb 5™ for Mac OS X. Version 2 is the last for MacOS 9.

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It transposes room modes and resonances, tightens or spreads early reflections, and shortens or lengthens the reverb tail.

The occupied slots will start to blink. Page 16 Page 27 Changes the reverb length. By lengthening the reverb time you are raising the level of the softest part of the reverb tail.

The mix knob will still pass Stereo audio when turned towards dry though. The Mute Direct button will be on. Alternatively you can manually recall while recording automation data. Three-band damping simulates this effect of absorptive or reflective materials such as baffles, curtains, bass traps, people and chairs in a room.

Mute Direct Use this to mute the direct sound altogether. Open – All presets are separate files on your disk. The Audio Ease made presets are available in this menu.


Altiverb 6 Manual

The function Analyze Impulse Responses will not be needed, as Audio Eases Impulse Responses altoverb already equipped with all necessary information for all features of Altiverb to function properly. The input of Altiverb goes to the speakers, the output of Altiverb is what the microphones produce. Recording Manuxl Displays how the microphones were set up and where the speakers were at the time the impulse response was recorded.

Empty first, and then save in it, or hold down Alt while clicking an occupied slot.

Please note that that may reveal resolution and signal-tonoise inaccuracies of the impulse response recording. Overwriting an occupied slot: We msnual your help to maintenance this website. Altiverb makes your audio sound as if it was played back somewhere else, adding the acoustics of existing spaces to your own recordings or to your live audio.

Altiverb 7 – not really better than Altiverb 6

Sub woofer LFE channel output in 5. Black white laboratoryfilms prints Video department Photoshop manual pdf file.

Turn clockwise to simulate reflective surfaces that makes high frequencies decay longer. Which modifiers to use depends on your host application. Re-scan presets folder – If you have added someone elses preset by copying or moving files in the Finder or Windows, you should rescan the presets folder to force them to show up here.


The functions are described on the next page. Open a category of rooms to select a particular room on the left, and an actual IR, a janual configuration within that room, in the right hand column.

Audio Ease Altiverb 6

Insert an Altiverb into your song. They introduce a slight delay typically 64 samples into the signal path. Contains several functions in a drop down menu. You can triple the distance between the microphones and the speakers by pushing the speakers all the way to the back of the stage. Turn clockwise to simulate reflective surfaces that make mid frequencies decay longer. Which modifiers depends on the host manuaal you use, and is described in the appropriate document in the Host Specific Descriptions folder in the Altiverb 6 folder.

Audio Ease support page

Similar to turning down the direct gain. There are several commands at the bottom of the Global Presets popup menu. The preset popup menu by default consists of those found in: The lower diagram is of the type that is visible in the Altiverb interface.