: Akai BP Remote Control (PTHD, PTHD, HCM, HCMW) tested with batteries: Home Audio & Theater. Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello all, A friend of mine is looking. I HAVE A AKAI PTHD TV AND WHEN I PUT ON THE AUTO FOCUS THE TV KEEPS TRYING TO FOCUS ENDLESSLY BUT DOES’NT.

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See page 59 for details. Pat T Unregistered guest. I don’t see any distortion a,ai abnormalities. It seems many of the image and compatibility issues are not specific to this Akai TV but more likely might be problems encountered with hooking up to any new wide projection HDTV.

I asked the Ultimate people if they would honor the Circuit city price. Program it as if it’s a Samsung television.

Advice on this TV – AKAI PTHD – HDTV – Streaming Video & TVs

This procedure requires a an optional combiner-adaptor available at most electronics shops. Anonymous Posted on Thursday, August 14, – It is also a person lift to make sure you get it into the house and in place without breaking it, pr4298hd yourself. I might fork up a few hundred and purchase a name brand. Again you need a device with a component ouput which you connect to one of the component inputs on the rear of the TV.

Akai PT4298HD

Connecting to a Cable Box that Descrambles Some Channels If your cable box descrambles only some channels such as premium channelsfollow the instructions below. The 3 pre-set color modes are worthless. I have the DVD Player set to widescreen and have tried a different player as well also tried both composite connections on back of TV.


Has anyone tried the S-Video input? Does anyone here have any comments about how this TV performs for video game playing?

Anonymous Posted on Tuesday, August 12, – Now here is the tricky part, the top of that bottom piece has 3 places where it is held in by fasteners which I gently used some force to pop it out. Chris Posted on Tuesday, August 05, – BTW, this is very, very common failure.

Aug 7, 6. Picture icon will be highlighted blinking. Does Akai only sell to Costco and Sam’s Club? I usually don’t read manuals but you can find it there if you look hard. I’ll let you guys know how that goes. Personally I now usually watch movies in Panoraminc mode or Wide.

Many newer movies are filmed in this ratio because the producer believes it gives a more panoramic view of their movies. The on-screen menus disappear from the screen after thirty seconds. I had to keep in mind that the tv control button were on the right side which meant wires, so to not stretch them or pull them out, I let that piece hinge down like pickup tailgate onto a box that happened to have the right height that it held the piece up instead of the piece dangling from the wires.


Right out of the box with Comcast HD cable the picture is superb. And the more you shop, the faster the benefits add up. All VCRs record the closed caption signal from television programs, so home-record- ed video tapes also provide closed captions. No stand included with the TV. Posted on Wednesday, August 06, – Posted on Monday, October 11, – Posted on Wednesday, April 07, – If you set your DVD player to “Interlace” scan mode, and hook it up through Component1 there are 2 component inputsyou will be able to change the aspect ratio.

Posted on Saturday, April 10, – Do you think they will only offer the factory warrantee on their sets or will they take it back after five years from now for a full refund? The box is hooked up to Component Input 2, using the 5 different cables for HD 2 audio and 3 videoand I’m not getting any picture at all when I switch over to Component 2, just a green screen, and I can’t change channels.

Akai PT4298HD Owner’s Instructions Manual

I guess you really can’t go wrong. I don’t think I can buy this set unitl I see regular TV on it and most stores are not willing to do this.

Dave Despain Unregistered guest.