The Aerosim Checkride B for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch provides pilots with a self-study tool to help prepare for the oral exam and checkride through an . Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Checkride Training App. Download Preparing airline pilots for the Boeing simulator checkride is the primary focus of the book; but interested and serious PC Simmers will also find it.

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I’m averaging days a month off. Anti-Ice 15 Flashcards 9. Then there are training events like windshear recoveries and emergency descents that get rotated in each six months. The IPT is a multi-computer screened computer with touch screens that simulate the cockpit controls.


This feature helps pilots become familiar with the panel functionality without pulling out bulky aircraft manuals and paper cockpit posters. I feel good that the checks are out of the way and now I can start studying for my next one.

First class was open and the captain made sure I checkdide put there for the flight — nice! Captain Mike Ray’s anxiously anticipated ‘Unofficial Boeing Simulator and Checkride Procedures Manual” has finally arrived and is ready for purchase. How about an explanation on the Coffin Corner sometime? Description The Aerosim Checkride B for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch provides pilots with a self-study tool to help prepare for the oral exam and checkride through an educational cockpit experience. Wow, thanks for letting us get in on what you do on those proficiency checks!


Quickly find the location of different panels, lights and switches.

The graphics and related descriptions used in this application represent a specific configuration and may not exactly correspond to your respective aircraft. Sometimes its a three day and a seven day or three trips of thee days each. I checked checkrid the camera shops and took a stroll though the bustling streets of Hong Kong. If we can see the end goal, we work harder.

Please go to www. Magento maintenance by Ecoto. Also makes a great primer for pilots transitioning into this aircraft or anyone interested in the basic operating procedures of this amazing aircraft.

Because I fly checkriide airliner with a type rating, I have to get checked out in a simulator every six months, like all airline pilots. Includes airplanes, Our sims for Cathay Pacific are in Hong Kong, so when I have a checkride, it begins with a trip across the Pacific to headquarters. After that is complete, the following day is the PC, or proficiency check, the big momma, the graded evaluation, the one that really counts.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. After the checkrides were over, it was time to relax.

Electrical 32 Flashcards 4. The caviar is okay, but I think it makes a lower society person like myself at least feel like high society, if but for a few hours. Your email address will not be published.

My sim slots were set for 10 pm to 3 am Hong Kong time, which is 10 am to 3 pm East coast time for my body clock. I was able to get some practice time in our IPT — integrated procedural trainer.



Checkride |

We sit in a large box that has the exact cockpit set up inside. Easily create your own videos with custom categories. Sep 27, Version Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I normally ride checkdide business class as checkried copilot. Communications 13 Flashcards Pilots always sweat these checks because they are cyeckride and our job is somewhat riding on our performance in the simulator. APU 33 Flashcards 2. You might not remember it, but when we were in Hong Kong when you were young, we walked by the Peninsula Hotel on our excursions.

Then it was time to board. Like I said, this turned out to be a pretty cehckride trip. Flight Controls 47 Flashcards 6. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Filled with those beautiful, easy to understand diagrams and witty, sometimes humorous explanations for complex situations and systems. The Peninsula was impressive way back then. I love to think about that big plane, all its engines roaring, and it’s just sitting there! A must have for both the pilot and PC-pilot.