major repairs is outlined in the POLARIS Service Manual and should be performed only by a SPORTSMAN / HO Owner’s Manual. P/N Sportsman HO Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Offroad Vehicle Polaris Sportsman EF Service Manual. Atv polaris This Official Polaris Sportsman And Sportsman And Hawkeye 2X4 Factory Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step.

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Never operate the ATV with a mwnual brake lever. Gear Indicator – This Under normal operation, the diaphragm extends into the reservoir as fluid level drops. If you discover improper alignment, see your Polaris dealer for ser- vice.

Sales Terms and Conditions Apply to All Orders This website is not associated with any product manufacturer mentioned in any way. Your Polaris ATV service manual will come to you in pdf format and polsris compressed for a lightning fast download!

Factory Service Maintenance Manual. No single action on your part is as important as following the proce- dures for a proper break-in. We will also send you an email with a copy of your Polaris ATV service manual download link. It is a potential violation of the Clean Air Act if a part supplied by an aftermarket parts manufacturer reduces the effectiveness of the vehicle’s emission controls. Failure to heed the warnings and safety precautions contained in this manual can result in severe injury or death.

Follow the instructions on the container. What a step backwards. Position the vehicle on a level surface with the headlight approxi- mately 25 ft. Page 30 The throttle lever aportsman spring loaded. Refer to the specifications section beginning on page for the recom- mended spark plug type and gap for your vehicle.


Polaris ATV service manuals are available for immediate download. Be constantly alert for haz- ards such as logs, rocks and low hanging branches. Place the transmission in PARK. Browse Related Browse Manuxl. Lights High Beam Adjustment The headlight beam can be adjusted slightly upward or downward. Squeeze the brake lever gradually. Always block the rear wheels on the downhill side. Also shop in Also shop in. Record maintenance and service in the Maintenance Log beginning on page Sixity stands for value, selection and quality.

Copyright Polaris Sales Inc.

Do not install it in any other product. Vehicle Identification Numbers Record your vehicle’s identification numbers and key number in the spaces provided.

Polaris Sportsman 400 Manual

Fuse Replacement Fuse Sportskan If the engine stops or will not start, or if you experience other electrical failures, a fuse may need replacement. Lift the pod slightly while depressing the tabs at the rear of the spotsman. Release the air box cover clips, and remove the air box cover. Maintain brake fluid at the recommended level.

When the switch is on 2X4, the ATV is in two-wheel drive at all times. Secure the fuel cap, oil cap and seat. In doing so, no representation of affiliation, association or the like is intended, unless otherwise stated. CFR and local noise level requirements.

Index of /service-manuals/polaris

Squeeze the end of the rub- ber boot and slide it far enough to expose the end of the inline cable adjuster. Cold Weather Operation Water in the bottom of the crankcase can lead to engine damage and must be drained. All service must be performed by your authorized Polaris dealer. This is the real deal! Follow the adjustment procedures exactly, or see your Polaris dealer for service.


Spogtsman Assembly The steering assembly of the ATV should be checked periodically for loose nuts and bolts. Battery Installation Battery Battery Installation Using a new battery that has not been fully charged can damage the bat- tery and result in a shorter life. See your Polaris dealer for engine heater kits, which provide quicker warm-ups and easier starting in colder weather.

Polaris Sportsman Service Manual | eBay

Safety Warnings Handling Gasoline Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive under certain conditions. However, if these components are subjected to severe use, grease zerks have been provided for additional lubrication at the user’s discretion. Skip to main content. Safety You should review this information on a regular basis. The electrodes are not burned or eroded. This Service Manual is searchable so you can Easily find Clamp or pinch off the vent line approximately 2″ 5 cm from the oil tank, between the end of the oil tank vent fitting and the vent line’s pressure relief slit.

Always follow these precautions when hauling cargo: Use a professional-type washing cloth, cleaning the upper body first and the lower parts last. After downloading your Polaris ATV service manual you can view it on your computer or print one or all dportsman the pages needed.

If this occurs, take the ATV to your Polaris dealer for proper diagno- sis.